Chihuahua Puppies

Chihuahua Breed Information

Breed Group: Toy


Weight: 2 - 6 lbs


Height: 6-9 inches


Color(s): any

Coat: The Chihuahua coat comes in two varieties: The Smooth and Long coat. The short coat is soft to touch and only requires minimal grooming. The long coat is soft and can either be straight, wavy or curly. The long coat needs occasional brushing to keep it from matting. Identical otherwise, both can be whelped in the same litter. They are an average shedder.

Overview: This is the oldest breed on the American continent and the smallest breed in the world. They were named after the Chihuahua region in Mexico. It is believed that this breed descended from ancient breed that was larger in size and highly prized by Aztec royalty. The Chihuahua of today has a very fine bone structure, but are actually quite muscular.

The Chihuahua is a tiny dog with an apple-shaped head and a short pointed muzzle. It has round, large, very dark eyes, sometimes dark ruby or luminous in color. The trademark large ears should be held erect. Puppies have a soft spot or "molera" on the top of the skull. The bone usually closes the gap by adulthood. The body is cobby (stout), longer than it is tall, and the tail is sickle-shaped - curled over the back or to the side. Besides the common short-haired variety there is also a long- haired type. Colors include fawn, sand, chestnut, silver and steel blue, but any color is accepted, including black & tan and parti-color. The dog is more robust than he looks, with a level back, and legs coming down straight and square. The most valued dogs weigh under 2-1/4 pounds (1.3 kg.). Some can even stand on all fours in a person's palm!


Although reserved to strangers and unknown pets, Chihuahuas are very loyal and devoted to their owners. The Chihuahua dog breed it known for its saucy expression and alert attitude. Despite their small size, Chihuahuas make good watch dogs.


Character: The Chihuahua is a very individualistic breed. They each have their own unique personality, so only a few generalizations can be made. They are commonly referred to as a "Chi". They are energetic, graceful, and display a human-like expression. Their life span is the longest of any size dog.


Temperament: The Chihuahua is deeply devoted and fiercely loyal. They typically become extremely attached to one or two people. The Chihuahua is a good companion dog. Courageous, extremely lively, proud and enterprising, it gives and demands affection. Bold and saucy, it moves swiftly to avoid being stepped on. They are bold, fearless, and highly protective of their masters. They thrive on inordinate amounts of attention. The Chihuahua is by nature gentle, loving, and sweet-tempered. They are wary of strangers and make excellent watchdogs. This breed is not well suited for children or other pets. However, they are sociable with their own kind. Chihuahuas are excellent companions in the right circumstances.

Chihuahua's are strong-willed, intensely loyal and become very attached to their owners, even to the point of jealousy. They like to lick their owner's faces. It is undeniably suspicious of people except for its owner. When strangers are present, it follows its owner's every move, keeping as close as possible. For some, they may be slightly difficult to train, but they are intelligent, learn quickly, and respond well to proper, gentle (positive reinforcement) training. This breed may snap at teasing children, after all it is too tiny to get away. The Chihuahua must resort to his sharp teeth in self defense. It is not recommended for children. He can be noisy and may require patience to housebreak. Many owners simply paper train this breed. Be sure to socialize your Chihuahua as a pup to avoid excessive aggressiveness with other dogs as well as reserve with strangers. They tend to be fairly dog-aggressive. Chihuahuas generally recognize their own breed, but sometimes disapprove of other breeds.

The Chihuahua is an excellent companion and a highly devoted breed. Reserved when it comes to strangers, the Chihuahua makes a good watch dog. The Chihuahua is known as a stay-at-home dog and gets along well with other household pets.


Care: The Chihuahua does not tolerate cold climates and may shiver. Therefor they must be protected when taken outside. It will tolerate and even appreciate a warm sweater on cooler days.

Chihuahuas are adequate for apartment living, though they tend to be noisy. Chihuahuas need little exercise to remain happy and a couple of trips outside each day will provide ample exercise for this playful breed.


Training: The Chihuahua is can be difficult to train, but with patience, love, and consistency do well. They respond best to positive reinforcement. Chihuahuas can be housetrained by either the crate method or the paper training method. Early, extensive, and intensive socialization is an absolute must for this breed.


Activity: The Chihuahua is an excellent apartment or condominium dweller. The majority of their exercise needs can be met indoors with toys or play sessions. However, they greatly enjoy going with their owners and benefit from daily walks. Using a harness is recommended instead of a leash is best given their delicate neck and bone structure.


Life Expectancy: The expected life span of the Chihuahua is 15 or more years.

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