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Dog Pain Medicine

Pain Medicine and Arthritis Medicine For Dogs


Did you know one out of five dogs suffers from daily arthritis pain. Pain that makes it difficult to jump, climb stairs, even get in and out of the car. With the right pain medicine dogs can move around more freely and enjoy a fuller, more active life. Here we offer a great deal of information on the most popular dog pain medicines and of course discount prices, on the exact same dog pain medicine prescribed by your vet.

If your dog has chronic pain or inflammation, is has been found that common aspirin can often be used to give your pet some relief. Since aspirin can cause some stomach problems, care should be used. You should always check with your vetrinarian before administering medication.

Dogs are most commonly given aspirin for treatment of arthritis and associated joint pain. Aspirin may also give relief in other situations where your dog is in pain. Aspirin reduces pain and fevers and also has an anti-inflammatory effects that reduces swelling. These effects will help make your dog more comfortable. Note that a dog is not a human. Just because your dog "does not feel good" is not a reason to give it an aspirin. Usually, aspirin is given to relieve extreme conditions of discomfort. Also note that most vets prescribe Rimadyl as a better pain-killer and anti-inflammatory than aspirin. Aspirin is poorly tolerated by young dogs, since they lack the enzymes necessary to process the aspirin. The same is true for most cats. Dosing is recommended at 5 ml /lb.


Dog Pain Medicine

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