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Chug Puppies for Sale

My littlest chug pup wants to find a good home

My littlest chug pup wants to find a good home like her brother and sister did.  She was born Feb. 25th and will stay very small.  At 8 weeks, she is only a bit over 2 pounds and should not get over 7 to 8 pounds when fully grown.  She has had her first shots, dewormed and been vet checked. 

This pup is a real show stopper and has a delightfully happy personality.  She loves to cuddle and is very alert and quite smart. 

We live East of Colorado Springs so a plane ride to transport her is a possibility but a home visit is preferred if possible.  Her mom ,Tiny, was bred to my friends small and lovable Pug.   Mom bosses my 2 weimaraners around and this little lady is quickly learning that size does not matter, it's all in the attitude.  She carries herself well and prances when she has an audience. 

I can be reached at admin@chugpuppies.com.  She is $500.  Shipping costs depend on the airlines from Colorado Springs.  I live about an hour south of Denver.   Thanks for looking.    Kathy

Price : $500

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